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Flotek leads in chemical innovation, creating specialty polymers and surfactants that boost performance in water- and oil-based drilling fluids. Our dispersants enhance cement slurry flow for efficient mixing and pumping, even at high densities. These additives alleviate pressure in unconsolidated sands or depleted formations, reducing the potential for lost circulation. With Flotek’s advanced drilling and cementing chemicals, you can improve fluid loss control, hole cleaning, and fluid suspension, optimizing your operation’s efficiency.

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Flotek, a specialist in advanced polymers and surfactants, offers high-performance additives to improve drilling fluids’ functionality, and bespoke cement solutions through Flotek Chemistry, addressing each well’s unique challenges.

Completions, Production, & EOR

Here you will find innovative chemistry and data solutions, such as our IOR chemicals and CnF® suite. We boost recovery and efficiency in the oil and gas sector, uphold sustainability, and offer superior quality and customer service.


Flotek provides advanced chemistry technologies and services to enhance your oil and gas operations. Our experienced team offers strategic, data-driven solutions leveraging BTEX alternatives, bolstering operational efficiency, and boosting well value.

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