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Data-Infused, Technology Driven Specialty Chemistry

Data-Infused, Technology Driven Specialty Chemistry


Flotek Industries Inc. collaborates closely with our clients, offering tailored, performance-enhancing chemical technology solutions that bring tangible value to their assets and financial performance. Rooted in a commitment to research and innovation, our core mission revolves around fostering enduring trust with our clients. We achieve this through transparent communication, unwavering integrity in our data and interactions, and a genuine commitment to safeguarding our clients’ resources as if they were our own. Our dedication is unwavering, as we tirelessly strive to deliver nothing less than the highest standards of quality, loyalty, and service, ensuring that we are the foremost partners in the transformative impact our technologies bring.

Our vision is to become the preferred collaborative ESG partner of choice by offering sustainable chemistry technology and cutting-edge digital analytics solutions.



Who We Are

An advanced technology-driven, green chemical and data analytics company providing unique and innovative completion solutions.

Our Vision

We strive to be the collaborative partner of choice for solutions that reduce the environmental impact of energy on air, water, land and people.

Value Proposition

We collaborate and deliver sustainable, optimized chemistry and data solutions that maximize our customer’s value.

Our chemistry solutions have a proven, positive impact on sustainability and reducing the overall environmental impact of energy on air, land, water and people


Our comprehensive chemistry technologies and services are designed to help you maintain the integrity of your assets and ensure the smooth flow of operations in the oil and gas industry, no matter the complexity or location.

Our team of experienced specialists will work closely with you to identify the underlying issues behind your concerns and develop effective strategies that address complex production challenges. We collaborate with you to deliver innovative technical solutions that enhance your experience and boost your business performance.

Using cutting-edge production chemistry, advanced processing and separation technologies, and data-driven automation processes, we provide tailored solutions that anticipate and resolve any obstacles you may encounter.


Flotek’s global presence demonstrates its unwavering commitment to innovation and customer service. With operations spanning continents, Flotek serves a diverse client base, from local businesses to multinational corporations. This international reach enables rapid product delivery and a deep understanding of regional market dynamics.

Flotek tailors solutions to meet the unique needs of clients worldwide, optimizing asset value and efficiency.

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