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Completions, Production, & EOR


Discover the power of Flotek completion chemicals. These cutting-edge, liquid solutions revolutionize the oil and gas industry, optimizing production and minimizing damage to reservoirs. Made in our state-of-the-art chemical plants, our completion chemicals are essential in increasing well productivity.

Backed by our expertise in solid-free fluid technology, these high-performance chemicals serve the same purpose as those used in drilling processes. Whether it’s an oil well, gas well, or injection well, our completion chemicals enhance the well’s physical characteristics, resulting in improved production capabilities.

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Flotek, a specialist in advanced polymers and surfactants, offers high-performance additives to improve drilling fluids’ functionality, and bespoke cement solutions through Flotek Chemistry, addressing each well’s unique challenges.


Flotek is your reliable partner for both unconventional and conventional reservoirs, offers tailored stimulation fluid solutions. We prioritize collaboration for a profound comprehension of your issues, ensuring enhanced outcomes.


Flotek provides advanced chemistry technologies and services to enhance your oil and gas operations. Our experienced team offers strategic, data-driven solutions leveraging BTEX alternatives, bolstering operational efficiency, and boosting well value.

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