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Flotek Industries Announces Appointment of Amerr Mahgoub as Vice President, Middle East Business Development; Closing of SiteLark, LLC Acquisition

Flotek Industries Announces Acquisition of Intellectual Property for use of Complex nano-Fluid™ Chemistry in Drilling Fluids Systems; Agreement with Tony Rea as Drilling Fluids Consultant; Select, Preliminary First Quarter Financial Results and First Quart

Flotek Industries Announces Upcoming Presentation at Independent Petroleum Association of America New York Investment Conference

Flotek Technology Divisions

Chemical Technologies
Chemical & Logistics division develops, manufactures and sells specialty chemicals used in oil and gas well stimulation, cementing and blending.
Drilling Technologies
Drilling Products division designs, manufactures, repairs, markets and installs downhole drilling tools utilized in oilfield, mining, and water industries.
Artificial Lift Technologies
Artificial Lift division provides pumping system components including electric submersible pumps or ESPs, gas separators, production valves.

Flotek Featured Products

Chemical & Logistics / CESI Chemical
CnF® 2.0
Introducing CESI Chemical’s Save The Planet™ fracturing additive, the next-generation of patented Complex nano-Fluid™ technology to further enhance hydrocarbon production.
Chemical & Logistics / CESI Chemical
Complex nano-Fluid™ Technology
See how CESI Chemical's patented CnF® will enhance hydrocarbon production and recovery and improve production economics in almost every completion scenario.
The Voice of the Customer
Sean Buchanan Series

Flotek Expansion

CESI Chemical Technologies Expansion - Marlow, OK
Drilling Technologies Expansion - Oklahoma City, OK
Artificial Lift Technologies Expansion - Dickinson, ND

Flotek Price Data

Flotek Latest Webcast

Flotek Industries Presents at Independent Petroleum Association of America New York Investment Conference April 7, 9:10 AM (Eastern)

Flotek Company News

John Chisholm - Chairman, CEO and President of Flotek will be giving the Commencement Address for the 2014 Graduation Class of Ft Lewis College on May 3rd in Durango, Colorado
Flotek Industries will be exhibitors at the Hart Energy DUG Bakken April 2-4