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With the goal of maximizing recovery, de-risking drilling & completion activities and enabling predictive decision-making, our prescriptive chemistry approach ensures our total fluids solution is precisely formulated for optimal success. Our Prescriptive Chemistry Management℠ services can be applied throughout the life cycle of the asset including completions, conformance, remediation, acidizing and flooding. Let us partner with you to Enable and Protect YOUR Reservoir℠.





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Flotek partners with our clients to evaluate detailed geologic conditions of their reservoir based on mapping, reservoir samples, completion strategy, predicted decline curve, depth and trajectory of the wellbore, and downhole temperature. Identifying and analyzing this data in collaboration with our clients ensures our chemistry is precisely formulated to enhance your performance and recovery.

After the comprehensive geologic reservoir analysis is completed, Flotek's Global Research and Innovation team of scientists and engineers conduct a series of tests and experiments to integrate oil and gas data contributed by clients and public data sources with the geologic reservoir analysis to prescribe a custom total fluids solution. At the cornerstone of this offering is our Complex nano-Fluid® stimulation technologies, which are proven to bring oil and gas to the surface faster and more effectively than conventional solutions. Also included in our full range of total fluid solutions are our patented Pressure reducing Fluid® technologies, traditional friction reducers and conventional stimulation additives.

In this final phase, Flotek deploys your custom prescriptive design, either by direct delivery to your wellsite to optimize costs or through your preferred service company. Through a continuous and dynamic evaluation process, we ensure optimal application of our full fluid system. It is through this analysis that Flotek is able to carry knowledge forward to future completions and further identify opportunities for predictive opportunities for predictive learning.

Flotek's Complex nano-Fluid® flagship line of technologies complement the chemistry of the reservoir to optimize the flow area and impact capillary pressure through solvency and droplet size. Naturally sustainable and nontoxic, our CnF® chemistries harness the power of citrus oil from orange peels to improve well performance and productivity.

Flotek's Pressure reducing Fluid® chemistries are a patented line of high molecular weight polymers that reduce turbulence and aid proppant delivery. This technology makes more efficient use of polymers and is tolerant to any level of total dissolved solids (TDS) versus conventional friction reducers used in the industry today.

Flotek’s Prescriptive Cementing Chemistry allows our clients to customize the chemistry and performance of cement to fit the individual challenges of every well. Our range of cementng products are designed to be compatible with other cementing additives and customized to enhance slurry properties for a wide range of densities and temperatures.

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