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26 Mar
Complex nano-Fluid® - Reservoir-Centric Technology For The Permian Basin

Flotek's has developed a line of patented Complex nano-Fluid® (CnF®) technologies formulated for the unique geology, chemistry and economics of the Permian Basin – delivering exceptional performance and return on investment.

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24 Feb
Flotek Presentation: Driving Capital Efficiency – Increased Production with Optimized Fluid Systems

At the 2019 SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference, Flotek highlighted how its reservoir-centric approach to fluid designs drive capital efficiency by reducing costs and increasing production.

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24 Feb
Flotek Presentation: Improving Production Through Reservoir-Centric Fluid Systems

At the 2019 SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference, Flotek illustrated the effectiveness of its reservoir-centric approach across a variety of applications: completions, remediation, frac hits and enhanced waterflooding. The presentation highlights case studies in both oil and gas reservoirs including: Woodford, Cleveland Sand, Midland Basin-Wolfcamp A, Delaware Basin-Wolfcamp B, Eagle Ford, Olmos, Cotton Valley, Niobrara A, Niobrara B, Canadian Williston Basin-Lower Shaunavon, Cardium-Ferrier, and Ellerslie-Edson Core.

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05 Dec
Flotek Case Study: Driving Capital Efficiency

Flotek is partnering with our clients to deliver more value and greater returns through a prescriptive, reservoir-centric chemistry experience.

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01 Nov
Flotek Case Study: Mitigate Frac Hits and Remediate Well Damage in Woodford Play with Advanced Chemistry

An operator with acreage in the Andadarko Basin’s Woodford productive trend sought to reverse the negative effects of frac hits, as well as to improve production in under-performing wells.

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