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30 Jul
Flotek Presentation: Effectively Protecting A Parent Well When Fracing a Child Well To Ensure Consistent Production & Maximized EUR

At the 3rd Annual Permian Basin Completions Optimization & Interwell Communication Conference, Flotek illustrated how to effectively protect a parent well when fracing a child well. The presentation highlights how fluid chemistry can be utilized on primary and infill wells to mitigate and remediate damage due to frac-driven interactions.

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19 Jul
Flotek Presentation: Driving Effective Permeability & Fluid Mobility through Reservoir-Centric Chemistries

At the 2019 Unconventional Resources Technology Conference, Flotek illustrated how reservoir-centric approach to prescribing fluid systems evaluates both the connectivity package and mobility package to improve hydrocarbon recoverability.

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19 Jul
Flotek Presentation: Improving Production Through Reservoir-Centric Fluid Systems

At the 2019 Unconventional Resources Technology Conference, Flotek illustrated the effectiveness of its reservoir-centric approach across a variety of applications: completions, remediation, frac hits and enhanced waterflooding. The presentation highlights case studies in both oil and gas reservoirs including: Midland Basin-Wolfcamp A & Wolfcamp B, Delaware Basin-Wolfcamp B, Woodford, Cleveland Sand, Eagle Ford, Olmos, Cotton Valley, DJ Basin - Niobrara A & Niobrara B, Powder River Basin, Canadian Williston Basin-Lower Shaunavon, Canadian Triassic Basin - Cardium-Ferrier & Ellerslie-Edson Core.


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11 Jun
Flotek Case Study: Increased Performance In The Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin with Complex nano-Fluid® Technology

Flotek partnered with multiple operators in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin to increase performance through our reservoir-centric approach. More than 66 wells were evaluated for performance in the Cardium Ferrier, Upper Montney Altares and Upper Montney Septimus areas. 

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06 Jun
Flotek Presentation: Chemical EOR in Tight Oil Pools

At the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference, Flotek illustrated how its reservoir-centric chemistry technologies have been utilized in enhanced waterflooding pilots in a wide variety of reservoirs. 

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