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Prescriptive Chemistry Technology Solutions

Flotek's goal is to maximize the performance of oil & gas wells through the application of our proprietary chemistry in our clients' reservoirs.

Complex nano-Fluid® (CnF®)

Complex nano-Fluid® (CnF®) technologies harness the power of citrus oil from orange peels to improve well performance and productivity. Deploying d-Limonene, an industry-proven bio-based solvent extracted from oranges, and various surfactant platforms, we develop prescriptive chemistry solutions unique to every reservoir, field and well. The line of CnF® technologies offer a number of performance-enhancing features including solvency, wettability impact, outstanding demulsification properties, reduction of surface tension and interfacial tension (IFT) that all contribute to better oil and gas production from a reservoir. This transformative portfolio of chemistries increases a client’s EUR leveraging the power of nature.

Pressure reducing Fluid® (PrF®) technologies

Pressure reducing Fluid® (PrF®) technologies are a new patented line of materials, which optimize horsepower while minimizing potentially damaging components delivery to the reservoir. PrF® technology enables the polymer to invert rapidly and provide performance efficiency throughout the expected tubular contact time.

Prescriptive Chemistry Management™ (PCM™)

Prescriptive Chemistry Management™ (PCM™) services optimize fluid systems utilized in all stages of the life cycle of the well, while ensuring accurate chemistry delivery to the reservoir. PCM™ services are applicable to fracturing, remediation, tertiary recovery, frac hit remediation, and numerous additional applications throughout the life cycle of the asset. Flotek approaches PCM™ services as a fluid system optimization process which generates custom solutions based on the reservoir, reservoir fluids chemistry, delivery/carrier fluid chemistry, application and life cycle stage of the asset.

Reservoir Cognitive Consultant™
(RC² ™)

Reservoir Cognitive Consultant™ (RC² ™) will enable predictive decisions to maximize reservoir performance through the IBM Watson platform. It will analyze our proprietary oilfield chemistry research, our client’s data and publicly reported completion and production data. From these, the system will reveal insights and identify new approaches to enhance the performance of wells throughout the entire life-cycle of the well. Our data scientists and chemists will search and analyze troves of historical and experiential data from thousands of client wells in real-time and apply our unique technical expertise to discover critical trends and insights. Link to the press release here »

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